The Teen’s Fiction

So I just so happen to have the knack of writing. I have the idea to post up my work on this page for you to read. Hope you enjoy!

At Home

I find myself under your arms, in your embrace

and I feel at home

You hold me close to your chest and I hear your heart thumping

and I feel at home

My house never felt so real to me

It was never home

But under your arms is real, it is pure

It is home to me


Another Day

Another day, another dollar

Another day, another holler

Another day, another heart break

Another day, another love quake

I don’t  want to be another teen

Hooked up on drugs and morphine

So come one and come all

and listen to my silent call

Lets band together, lets finally be seen

And not just as another teen



7 responses to “The Teen’s Fiction

  1. diamond

    YOU WROTE THAT ALL BY YOURSELF?! it sounded as if you got it out of a world’s greatest poems book! that was really good!!! you are a gifted writer! are you going to pursue writing books/poems when you’re older? you should!!! can’t wait to read your future written masterpieces!

  2. Kaylyn your BFFL

    OMG! I love the second one. You should use it in English class! ❤

  3. hannah

    aaaawww, that’s a GREAT POEM!!!! and i mean it. it’s just-it reminds me that i don’t have a real home, and won’t for a long time, and how horrible my life is right now. it’s like everything’s falling apart. it really has nothing to do with the poem, it’s just me, i guess. sorry, i’m probably ruining ur happy day, or something. no matter what, it’s still an AWESOME POEM!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sarah

    lov the poems!!!!

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