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Friends are like cookies xD

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And the results are in!

The Blog stays another day! However, I’m going to have to be brutally honest. Some still don’t even listen to the blog. If you can’t comment, then EMAIL!!! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and its really hard to get my voice heard. I want you to listen, but its currently not happening…. So anyway lets go a little brighter ey? I am starting a contest (cue the applause here)
This is an art contest! YOU make ME a picture, and heres how
1)Give it directly to me if you know me
2)use the program Paint on Windows and email it to me.
3)Draw, then copy onto the computer using your printer then email me!
The theme of the picture issssssss….

Animals! (yeah lets go with that one…)
So send in your submissions by 2/10/11
oh and heres the email:
Rmhill10{@} (remove brackets before emailing, they are put there to cut down on spam.


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And We’re Back! (temporarily)

Ok, so its been a while since I have posted, there are a lot of reasons, first my mom was in the hospital (read past posts) then I got grounded for having bad grades, and after that i kind of lost focus in it because I wasn’t getting a lot of support for it. SO i decided to come up with a plan by quizzing:
Q1: Do you enjoy this blog?
Q2: Have you ever commented on this blog?
Q3: Would you care if I deleted this blog?
Q4: Rate this blog on a scale of 1-10.
Ok answer these questions in the comment bar or email me rmhill10{@} (dividers added to block spam.


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100 comments! Yay!!

I got 100 comments!!

Blog animals

If animals could blog. Amazing lol!

putting together a party, this time it will work!! save the date for October 2nd. more details will follow.


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Who Likes Short Shorts???

you do!
anyway hey guys!
There is nothing exciting except for the the fact that HE is going to break up with HIS Girlfriend today. i know this Because HE told me while we were both tormenting some 6th grader this morning. The world is now a little brighter today. If you are in my Inner Circle, you will know what I’m taking about :DDD

And now for awesome letter rainbows!!!!






Indigo!!! (I think, wtf is indigo??)


Rachel H


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Who wants a cute pic??

ain’t that cute?
so anyway, now that you have had your share of the cute pic of the day, I need your opinion!
what page should i add next to my blog?
here are you options:
*SPAM page, a page where you can comment randomly and get away with it
*Ask the Queen page, where you ask me a question and i answer it!
*dancing chicken page, where i show dancing chickens?? ‘
Chose your fave and tell me in the comment OR email me if you have it!




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