And the results are in!

The Blog stays another day! However, I’m going to have to be brutally honest. Some still don’t even listen to the blog. If you can’t comment, then EMAIL!!! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and its really hard to get my voice heard. I want you to listen, but its currently not happening…. So anyway lets go a little brighter ey? I am starting a contest (cue the applause here)
This is an art contest! YOU make ME a picture, and heres how
1)Give it directly to me if you know me
2)use the program Paint on Windows and email it to me.
3)Draw, then copy onto the computer using your printer then email me!
The theme of the picture issssssss….

Animals! (yeah lets go with that one…)
So send in your submissions by 2/10/11
oh and heres the email:
Rmhill10{@} (remove brackets before emailing, they are put there to cut down on spam.



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2 responses to “And the results are in!

  1. sarah

    i love animals i will give u the drawing asap

  2. hannah

    can you change the deadline so I can join???

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