And We’re Back! (temporarily)

Ok, so its been a while since I have posted, there are a lot of reasons, first my mom was in the hospital (read past posts) then I got grounded for having bad grades, and after that i kind of lost focus in it because I wasn’t getting a lot of support for it. SO i decided to come up with a plan by quizzing:
Q1: Do you enjoy this blog?
Q2: Have you ever commented on this blog?
Q3: Would you care if I deleted this blog?
Q4: Rate this blog on a scale of 1-10.
Ok answer these questions in the comment bar or email me rmhill10{@} (dividers added to block spam.



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4 responses to “And We’re Back! (temporarily)

  1. sarah

    i love ur blog, all the time,i would care, 9.5

  2. Kaylyn your BFFL

    1: yes
    2: many times
    3: of course!
    Rachel don’t give up what you love for something nonimportant.
    Unless you don’t love it anymore.

  3. Diamond!!!!!!

    1. no. jk! of course i do!!! really…i do.
    2. at least 15 times!!!
    3. yes.
    4. ummmmmm… i’d say a 7 or 8.
    if you love doing it, then keep doing it!
    benny and i say hi and merry christmas.

  4. hannah

    1. ABSOLUTELY!!!!! (did i spell that right???)
    2. YES!!!!!!! (i double checked)
    3. Why would you delete this blog??? i for one, would be VERY UPSET!!!!!!!!!
    4. an 8 or 9!!!
    5. i do like cheesecake!!!!! so y would my family go there and not atleast bring me a piece!!!!!

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