Now What?

Hey Guys!

  Since my last post was only 20 words long, im going to write you a longer post! 

Now this post isn’t funny, it’s more of a editor in help post.  I have run out of tricks to get a certain some one (lets call him D) to notice me.  Got any tricks up your sleeve that I can reach in and take out?  And also, answer me this!  What is your favorite Beatles song?  answer me donw in the comments section, or if you don’t want to, Email me: rmhill10{@}gmail{.}com  remove the brackets before sending, those were put up to avoid SPAM.



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6 responses to “Now What?

  1. Diamond

    if you already know him and he knows you then try maybe talking to him more. try to become his friend. if you can. like people say, its good to marry your best friend! not that your gonna get married soon but im just saying. let it be is my fav song!!!

  2. Kaylyn your BFFL

    Did you flirt it up a bit? Maybe get his email if he has one. Flip your hair a little. Bat your eyes. And be yourself. Peolpe love you for you, if you are someone else who can they love? Love ya!

  3. Kaylyn your BFFL

    Oops type O. I meant “people”.

  4. hannah

    email him, talk to him, find out what you have in common. make sure he’s some one that’s compatible with you, some one that you really like, and tell yourself why you like him. then, if you’re really sure you like him, talk to him, become friends with him. ask if he needs help with homework.
    And my fav. song is YELLOW SUBMARINE!!!!!!!!!

  5. sarah... SUGAR!!

    start out as class mates then work your way up… class mates…aquatences(not spelled right)… friends… and so on

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