Gilroy Gardens!

  Hey Guys!

  So today, I went to Gilroy Gardens with the fam, I’m to tired to type, so I’m just gonna list the events

-I got the prettiest horse on the Merry Go Round

-Hot Air Balloons are fun in swing form

-Trains are slow

-Susie discovered her love for roller coasters

-I like 8 dollar hot dogs

-only cool people eat garlic

-virgin martinis are pretty good

-Veggies do, in fact, rock! (That’s right, I said it K!)

-everyone hates walking around for two hours in flip flops, including me!

thats about it.  Oh my gosh!  I broke the hundred word count on this blog!  If you don’t think so, count the words yourself!  Take that, blogosphere!

-Rachel H



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7 responses to “Gilroy Gardens!

  1. Kaylyn your BFFL

    I went there once!

  2. Diamond

    $8 hot dogs?! really? and veggies?! you are a very strange person! i don’t eat garlic, so does that mean i’m not cool? fine, be that way!!! :]

  3. hannah

    most of that sounds AWESOME!!! but i agree with Diamond on the veggies.

  4. sarah... SUGAR!!

    I WANT A $8 HOT DOG…. was it good mmmmm i like hot dogs 😛

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