Sorry it Took Soooooo Long!

Hey guys!
So I know this is a late post, I mean VERY late! I have a reason though! I have just come back from my Grandparents house. Even with the fact that I’m a teenager now, I never fail to have fun with Grandma and Grandpa. Me and my little sister watched Annie the minute we got there. Did you know that the musical was only 29 years old? I thought it was older. Anyway we went to the library and got some books. I got:
Harry Potter (to read to Susie)
The Reformed Vampire Support Group (Great Read!)
Model (a memior of a model, didn’t get around to reading it)
And then I bought another Harry Potter at the library’s used book store for dirt cheap! Only 50 cents!
So anyway, after we went there, we went to the Santa Cruz mountains and rode on some 100 year old train. The redwoods were so pretty! It reminded me of camp days. We had a picnic after that and went back to the Grand’s house, where we went to a swim center and came back an hour later. From there we watched A Cinderella Story. Such a cute movie!
The next day, we went to a different swim center and I went down a water slide (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) and changed so we could go to the movie theater. We saw Dispicable Me, which was an uproar of pure laughter. then we went to bed and the next day went home and here I am right now!
Sorry for boring you!
Rachel H



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3 responses to “Sorry it Took Soooooo Long!

  1. diamond

    haha! i always have fun at my g-ma’s too! ooohhh! which harry potter did you buy? im finally on the 7th (i know…took me long enough!!!) nice!!! sounds like you had loads of fun!!! despicable me…good movie!

  2. hannah

    despicible me, great movie!!!! and ur not boring me at all. o, and swimming reminds me you left your swim-skirt in my car, so now it’s in North Carolina!!! I feel SOOOOO bad!!! I’ll return it to you as soon as i can, k? hope ur not mad.

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