A Straight Answer?

So I recently questioned my abilities to blog, hence the late post. So I asked all my friends on their opinion because, well, they’re my friends. from most of them, I got a nice straight answer. But one refuses to answer me. I’m hoping she reads this actually because I’m hurt. Usually she is the first one to tell me whats on her mind and lately, she refuses to even let me in on a stupid little piece of gossip. So what do i do?



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3 responses to “A Straight Answer?

  1. hannah

    i didn’t get an email asking how i like your blogs. but i think they’re great. you know a lot of people share their opinions on what you should be when you grow up, but the truth is, you can be anything. you have soooooo much potential, you can be a vet, or a lawyer, or a writer, or whatever you want. i really like your blogs, and i don’t know if that person is me or some one else you talked about in the “straight answer blog, but i haven’t gotten that thing, which suprises me and i just got on the computer today.

    • No it’s not you, I knew that you won’t have much internet time and personally I’m suprised you commented! Sorry I didn’t get the letter out to you! i feel bad

      • hannah

        that’s okay, ur right that i’m almost never on the computer. i don’t mind not getting that letter. it’s no big deal.

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