spaghetti for breakfast!

Since my birthday, all I have had for breakfast is spaghetti. why? well, either my dad made too much of it or my friends didn’t eat enough at the party, and its spaghetti or some Apple Jacks rip off because we ran out of eggs bacon and oatmeal. So now i am sick of the taste of tomato sauce trickling down my throat. I’m bored with the nice warm feeling in my stomach when I eat all my food. Now, the moral of this story is to not by Apple jack rip offs. That way, we won’t have to eat spaghetti for breakfast



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13 responses to “spaghetti for breakfast!

  1. hannah

    spaghetti!!!!!!! try adding syrup to it!!!! hehe i like syrup. (:

  2. diamond

    rachel, i am actually jealous of you!!! spaghetti?! for breakfast?! everyday?! i love noodles!!!

  3. diamond


  4. hannah

    i HATE bacon!!!!!

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