The point and the “mmmm!”

I was just victim of the point and the “mmmm!” recently. It all happened when I was half heartedly pulling out all my clothes to find the perfect pair of shorts to go with my Areopostle shirt. I could not for the life of me though, find my peach colored elastic waist short shorts from Justice. Being a tiny girl with lots of coupons, I like to shop there a lot. Anyway, I sauntered into kitchen where Dad was eating garlic bread by the slice before going to his reunion. After reminding him to brush before going to his little party of old people, I asked him if he had seen my beloved shorts.
Being a man, he did not know what my “baby” was in clothing terms. So i had to explain to him that “baby” referred to my peach colored elastic waist short shorts from Justice, a place for petite girls in need of fitting clothes. After realizing the exact pair of shorts i needed, he pointed at me, started getting all jumpy and wide eyed, and because of the fact that his mouth was full of garlic, he mearly said, “mmmm!”
“You mean you know where they are?” i asked.
“no” he answered between bites, “I just know what your talking about now.”


Now if one was to do the point and the “mmmm!” They would do it because they know where somthing is when some one asks of its whereabouts. It should only be used to know about something when they were asked about THAT something. So anyway i found my shorts in the drier and was able to wear them to Grandmas, who baby-sat me and my little sister. While I was there I sat myself in front of the computer to watch reruns of my guilty pleasure, iCarly. End of story.
But the morale of it is that you just shouldn’t use the point and the “mmmm!” at all. Its too contusing and I don’t like it. Pleas remember that this is your QUEEN TEEN speaking!
Rachel H


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  1. hannah

    haha, ur dad’s funny.

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