First Post and a Snobby Friend

Hello all,

Welcome to my first post, do you enjoy? Of course you do!  I have recently celebrated my thirteenth birthday and I now plan to chronicle my life to wierd strangers around the world from now on until I come of age.  Anyway, back to my birthday.  While planning i sent invites out to all my friends, including one I have not heard of in two years.  almost all my friends could come except three.  One had just come back from camp and was too tired, on was on vacation and one simply said no.  Wanting a reason for her absence I emailed her asking why she couldn’t make it.

Now one thing you should know about my family, is that we do not have big money.  We are

poor, poor poor!

Anyway, so we don’t have much, we eat, we have nice enough clothes. We get by. But according to this one friend, too poor for HER tastes. The exact email she responded with:
Dear Rachel,
Ew, your party? Where will it be, in the poor house? And an 80’s theme, no thanks! I don’t want to dress up like my loser parents!

End note. The thing that really bugged me, was that she didn’t even sign her name wich is costomary in letter making. I’m insulted and hurt, but i realized, who need snobs like her. They have their own little world they just can’t be disturbed by us commoners. So I removed her from my contacts and changed my profile on gmail to having only 7 close knit friends.
So the moral of the story is, rich people can act a little mean sometimes, but just let them be.



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4 responses to “First Post and a Snobby Friend

  1. Kaylyn our BFFL

    Hey Rachel! Awesome Blog. I’m sorry that happened. 😦 You sould tell her that it hurt you. Anyway, C Y L8er.
    -Kaylyn ❤
    Queens Comment: Ha Ha, I won’t be talking with her anymore! trust me!

  2. hannah

    when i read what that girl emaild u, my mouth was hanging open in ssuprise. that is soooooooo mean!!!!! but not all “rich” people are snobs. i think it’s right ur not friends with her anymore. and ur not poor Rachel. u live in california, so things are super expensive. and u have a house, and cute clothes, and u might not have AS much as some people it doesn’t matter. none of your friends care how much money you have anyway. i don’t care. i care that you are nice and funny and your my friend, not how big your house is cause that’s no big deal. i think u should talk to her. she was REALLY mean to you. i think u should tell her nicely that she hurt your feelings and she is poor in spirit. love ya.

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