Family b-day prezzies!

Hey guys!
so after my awesome 80’s themed party, I had a smaller family one. Here are the pictures of the presents!

Hope you enjoy!
In the first one is a ceramic GSD (that means German Shepherd Dog for all you dog noobs!) and i’m wearing a new shirt from macys! the second one is a pair a pant just a tad too tight. I’m gonna have to reture that one. By the way, everything after Hope you enjoy, is an edit.



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5 responses to “Family b-day prezzies!

  1. sarah

    i love it love the jeans!!!
    Queens Comment: I did to, until I found out that they cut off my circulation! But it’s ok. Were gonna return them and get the next size up

  2. Diamond

    awesome shirt and pants(even though its too tight)! and the gsd is super cute!!! sorry about what happened with you and your friend. i really liked your party and as ive told you before, i loved the 80s theme!
    Queens Comment: Don’t you mean ex-friend? I don’t mingle with her kind *says in overly fake snobby voice* lol!

  3. hannah

    YOU GOT A PUPPY!!!!????!!!

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